1) “I don’t have my driver’s license with me, can I still pick the vehicle up”?

No, your driver’s license is required in order to pick the vehicle up.

2) “Can anyone pick the vehicle up”?

(Corporate) Yes, anyone is able to pick the vehicle up as long as they have a valid driver’s license. (Personal) No, the only person that can pick the vehicle up is whoever will be paying for the rental. An additional driver can be added at no additional cost, as long as they are also present at the time of pick-up with you, and their driver’s license.

3) “Do you guys have another pick-up/drop off location”?

No, our only pick-up/drop off location is at 460 Kingsland Ave, Brooklyn NY 11222

4) “If I get a toll violation/ticket, am I held responsible to pay for it”?

Yes, you are held liable for any tickets and tolls on the vehicle.

5) “Are you guys open 24 hours for returns”?

Yes, our lot is open 24 hours for returns.

6) “Can I purchase Edge’s Insurance”?

We don’t offer insurance, however we do offer a collision damage waiver which covers physical damage on the vehicle. (This is not insurance)

7) “If I go over my rental return time, will I get charged”?

You are given a 59 minute grace period, after the grace period you will be charged.

8) “I left a _______ in the vehicle a few weeks ago, can you guys check to see if it is still there”?

Sure we can check to see if it was turned into our lost and found, however we are not responsible for any item left in the vehicle.

9) “Do you guys offer delivery”?

Yes with 24 hour notice we do offer delivery. Our delivery rates vary depending on your location/zip code.

10) “I have a reservation but I am running behind schedule can I move my reservation time?

Yes, there is no penalty or charge for changing or cancelling a reservation.