COVID-19: Our Commitment to Your Safety

Edge Auto sends its sincere thank you to all workers on the frontline who have made sacrifices to help our community stay safe during this unprecedented time. In an effort to do our small part to help during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have supplied our vehicles to non-profit organizations who are helping transport necessary supplies to hospitals, and meals to the elderly.

As a member of our Edge family, your health and safety remain our highest priority. We appreciate you trusting us to make your travel experience seamless as we continue working diligently to keep our vehicles as clean as possible, and to do our best to protect all of our customers and employees from this virus.

We want to educate you on the procedures we have been following to clean our vehicles, and to maintain sanitary, safe conditions in and around our location.

We have added a complete extra cleaning to our entire office and surrounding facilities, so that means we have two full cleanings a day. All of our vehicles are being thoroughly wiped down with a high-grade disinfectant and multi-purpose cleaner upon return from customers, and once again prior to use by new customers. Our lot attendants and cleaning staff have been advised to pay extra-special attention to armrests, door handles, steering wheels, dashboard, rearview mirror, seats, and consoles. Our cleaning staff is taking extra steps in our restrooms and other areas where customers may wait or interact with our employees.

Additionally, we are ensuring our employees have the hygiene products, personal protective gear, and resources necessary to stay healthy. We are encouraging frequent handwashing and making sure hand cleaning supplies and sanitary drying towels are abundant. We have been and continue to advise those who are not feeling well to stay home, and we are promoting working from home to allow working employees to have more separation while in the office. All staff members are wearing face coverings, gloves, and maintaining proper distance from coworkers and customers. Our frontline staff have been using alcohol-based hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and disinfectants, and have been instructed to frequently wipe down high-touch areas such as computers, phones, iPads, desks, and countertops. Our supervisors are monitoring this compliance by regular check in and also video monitoring to ensure compliance.

We also have longer term plans to ensure we can provide a safe and sanitary experience for our customers. For example, we are in the process of implementing a new software program that will allow for touchless check-in and check-out.

Our team is also counting on YOU! Please leave your vehicle as clean as you received it. While in our office, please maintain safe social distancing, and, if possible, wear a mask. Of course, if you are sick please take extra precautions and consider sending someone else to pick up your vehicle. Working together, we can make Edge a safe environment for all of us!

You can continue to rely on us to provide you platinum-level customer service as we evolve with the drastic impact of COVID-19.

It is our pleasure to provide you the vehicles you need for your personal and professional lives, and we thank you for your business and continued loyalty.