Top Camera Rig Vehicles

When film crews need to take moving shots, they need a vehicle that’s up to the task. In the past, minivans have been default rig vehicles, but they come with numerous shortfalls. Sometimes crews will outfit a truck with a crane and other necessary gear, but that’s often because of a tight budget.


These are the vehicles crews use when they have the cash, and want the best.


Porsche Cayenne


This flashy SUV isn’t just about impressing people at the country club when you pull up. As a large and luxurious vehicle, it can easily handle a camera rig, even a large crane, without getting wobbly, which would mess up a shot. The wide track and heavy curb weight keeps everything firmly planted.


Also, the Cayenne is famous for being not only powerful, but also quick. It can keep up with sports cars, so if you need to film a quick chase scene, a vehicle whipping around a track, or whatever else, the SUV can handle the task.


Large brakes mean even with all that extra equipment, including a camera and large rig, the vehicle can stop quickly. After all, you don’t want to risk crashing, damaging your gear and possibly injuring anyone riding inside.


Speaking of people riding in the Cayenne, Porsche designed the SUV with loads of interior space. Considering you might have the cameraman, director, crane operator, driver, or any number of other people in it, with additional equipment crammed into the cabin, that’s super helpful as well.

Porsche Panamera


It might be the most controversial modern Porsche, and the second Porsche on this list, but the Panamera has become a favorite of some camera crews.


Chase Car has famously modified the four-door hatchbacks to make them even more practical than the Cayenne. It’s still fast and stable like the other Porsche, but the unique rear layout adds another dimension, and extra utility.


With the Cayenne, some crane operators complain that they can’t see well enough out the back. Chase Car builds a bubbled safety glass canopy on the hatch portion of the Panamera. This allows the crane operator to see well all around the car, remedying the problem.

Mini Cooper


Another car known for its stability, the Mini Cooper has also won over camera crews. It really shines because of a compact shape, enabling it to squeeze into more confined spaces so you can get that perfect shot not possible with a larger vehicle, such as filing in a parking garage.


Minis are also known to be surprisingly quick, as well as agile. That comes in handy if a crew needs to film a subject that’s moving quickly and changing directions often.