5 Apps to Download When Visiting NYC

When visiting NYC you can benefit from downloading some of these Big Apple-specific apps on your smartphone. From learning about the best restaurants to finding a parking place, these apps are your trick to having a great visit!


Photo Credit: tech.co
Photo Credit: tech.co

ParkMe is the world’s largest and most accurate parking application! It’s free and works on all major phone platforms. With this app, you can find parking spots all around NYC. You’ll also be able to see in real time how many parking spots are available in specific garages. At a glance, you can make an informative choice on the cheapest parking spots in the area you want to park. There are also great maps of NYC and parking options.

Included in the free app is a timer so you don’t ever over-pay for staying longer in a parking spot. If you’re renting a car in New York City, this is a must-have application!



It can be hard to get all of your travel plans organized. That’s where TripIt comes into play! This creative application makes planning a tip and organizing all of your documents a breeze. For free you can send all of your confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com. From there, the application will automatically transform your emails into a comprehensive itinerary. You’ll be able to see all of your trip plans in one place and you can access it from anywhere.

There are two different versions of TripIt. The first is free and the second is TripIt Pro and it’s a set amount every month. (Currently $4.09 per month.) With the free app, you can organize your travel plans all in one place, access them on a smartphone or tablet, sync travel plans with your calendar, share your travel plans with others, and store all of your travel documents in one place! Some of the travel reservations that TripIt accepts includes dinner plans, hotel stays, and flights. This application works with almost all phones, tablets, and laptops.

New York Pass Travel Guide

Photo Credit: play.google.com
Photo Credit: play.google.com

With the New York Pass, you’ll have information on all the best attractions in the New York at your fingertips. This popular application has been rated 5 stars and is free. The program is updated automatically on all the best things to do in New York City.

There’s information in the app about over seventy different attractions and a new feature which allows you to budget for your trip. Depending on which phone you use, there is also six pre-set sightseeing itineraries and an itinerary sections which lets you plan each day. Another cool aspect of the app is that it works without an internet connection.


Photo Credit: Tasting Table
Photo Credit: Tasting Table

There are so many wonderful dining options in New York. Unfortunately, you may choose a less-than-great place to grab dinner or drinks if you don’t do your homework. If you don’t have the time to look up different tasty options, download the Flavour app! This application has been suggested by The Tasting Table and other notable foodie authorities. The application is sleek and easy to use. All you do is put in your location and then choose your restaurant based on neighborhood and cuisine. You can also make special requests. Flavour will do all the hard work and present you with plenty of delicious destinations.

Along with finding places near you, Falvour also has collections of destinations to browse. Notable chefs and other foodies create their collections and you can follow along.

Each destination has the location, how far away it is from you, a price range, and special dish suggestions. While driving around NYC, you can pull out this app and know you’re headed to a fabulous dining destination.

Central Park

Photo Credit: www.purewow.com

The Central Park Conservatory offers a great free app for Central Park! This free app includes a full, interactive map of Central Park. Considered the perfect app for first time visitors and native New Yorkers alike, this free resource has the answer to plenty of your questions about NYC’s green space.

Central Park has GPS technology which tells you where you are. It also has a celebrity audio guide and a list of iconic locations. While using this app, you’ll learn where the nearest bathroom is to you and where you can buy food for a picnic. There’s also a list of the 21 parks in Central Park. If you want, you can see all the latest events taking place in the park and sync them to your calendar.

Photo Credit: befluentnyc.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: befluentnyc.tumblr.com

Central Park says,

“It’s the most comprehensive app for Central Park from the people who made the Park the world-renowned landmark it is today. Now you can be more Central to the Park than ever, compliments of our members and staff, who know Central Park inside and out. “