Places to See Movie Cars

Love movies? Love cars? These are the places where you can see the vehicles that have starred in some classic films. If you live even remotely near any of these destinations, a road trip is definitely in order.


Petersen Automotive Museum


It only makes sense to visit an automotive museum in Los Angeles to see movie cars. The Petersen Automotive Museum is located on Wilshire Boulevard, right in the city’s Museum Row.


While you can see quite a few impressive cars in a building that used to be a department store, the real draw is the movie cars. Petersen swaps out exhibits often, but you can catch the likes of the DeLorean DMC12 from Back to the Future, Herbie the Love Bug, and even the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s Batman movie.


Petersen will periodically play a clip behind each movie car, on a big screen. It shows the vehicle in a famous scene, so you get a sense for why it’s so famous and deserves to be there. That alone makes hanging out in the movie cars section worth the time.


Admittedly, the movie vehicles area is only a small portion of one of the museum’s floors. But kids will appreciate the second floor Cars discovery area. It features those lovable Pixar creations, and teaches them a thing or two about how automobiles work.


Voto Auto Museum


You probably don’t think of Illinois when it comes to movie cars, but it actually hosts one of the best collections around. As the name suggests, it’s located in the city of Volo, which is north of Chicago, about halfway to Milwaukee.


You get to explore over 33 unique exhibits, with a little something for everyone. Remember the Russian Duck, or car-boat thing from Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? It’s there. So is the 2014 Subaru Impreza WRX STI form Fast & Furious 7, Batman’s Tumbler, the Flintstones car, and many more.


The museum is actually contained in 12 different buildings, so you have plenty to explore. That consumes two city blocks, ensuring you get plenty of exercise, too. If the weather’s nice, park-like outdoor areas make for a great way to unwind after seeing all the cars.


Hollywood Cars Museum


From the name, you’d expect this to be located at least near Hollywood, or in Southern California at the least. Instead, check this museum out when you hit the Strip in Las Vegas.


Inside, you’ll find 30,000 square feet of vehicles that are somehow tied to movies and TV shows. Some of the highlights include Robocop’s ride, the General Lee, K.I.T from Knight Rider, several Fast & Furious cars, and the Coffin Dragster used in The Munsters.


There are enough vehicles, that they represent over 100 movies and TV shows. Some zany customized vehicles, like a piano car, are also included just for good measure. All in all, the collection is valued at about $7 million.


Rusty’s TV & Movie Car Museum


If you’re in the South, head to Jackson, Tennessee to check out Rusty’s TV & Movie Car Museum. While it’s not the largest museum on this list, if you can’t get to the others, this one still delivers some pretty iconic rides.


The 25-plus cars include one of the General Lees from the Dukes of Hazard, the AMC Gremlin from Wayne’s World, Lightning McQueen, the Mystery Machine, and one of the Back to the Future DeLoreans.


As you might be able to tell, this museum was started by a guy named Rusty. He’s been hard at work, collecting interesting vehicles for almost a quarter of a century. His private collection has reached 35 vehicles, and is still growing.