You Have To Check Out These 4 Bucket-List Experiences In NYC This Summer!

Summer isn’t over until you’ve been able to strike one item off of your bucket list. Luckily, you’re in the city that never sleeps and can get a few of these in while you’re staying just a weekend or a week. From watching a silver screen movie on a rooftop, to visiting a memorial that will stay in the hearts of Americans for centuries, all of these activities will leave an impression!

1. Rooftop Cinema Club

Photo Credit: Rooftop Film Club

One of the most magnificent things about New York City is the skyscrapers. This beautiful city has some of the best architecture in the world. There’s simply no better way to experience it than to be on a rooftop. Sure, you can grab a drink and relax with friends, but wouldn’t it be neat to watch a movie on a rooftop?

Those at the Rooftop Cinema Club though so! Known as the “kings of outdoor cinema,” according to Time Out, this “club” is one you need to join, if only for one night! Movies are shown on rooftops across the city. Currently the two places they take place regularly at YOTEL, Manhattan and Bushwick, Brooklyn. Popular classics like Rocky, Roman Holiday, and Casablanca are shown. There are also newer movies shown that have received great ratings.

Surely the best way to watch Pulp Fiction? #rooftopfilmclub

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So, what does a night out with Rooftop Cinema Club look like? You’ll purchase tickets online for the movie of your choice. Included in your ticket is entrance to the movie, bubbles, and popcorn! Each ticket is $33 and can be purchased online. You’ll receive a set of individual wireless headphones to adjust the sound to your liking. At YOTEL you can order food from Green Fig, their urban eatery. In Brooklyn, there is no restaurant on the premises. You can bring your own alcohol as well as order food directly to the venue to enjoy.

2. Thunderbolt Roller Coaster On Coney Island

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You know Coney Island is popular stop for tourists to ride the carousel and eat hot dogs. Did you know there is now a new roller coaster in the historic park? The Thunderbolt was opened in 2014 and has been welcomed greatly by New Yorkers. Along with the coasters like the Soaring Eagle and the Cyclone, this coaster is situated in Luna Park.

The Thunderbolt has many interesting facts about it. According to NYCEDC, “The massive steel parts were fabricated in Italy at Zamperla Company, the Italian amusement ride designer and manufacturer. The ride was later assembled on site at Coney Island.” This coaster is one of the longest and skinniest coasters in the world! It also reaches 55 miles per hour and has five inversions.

Phil, a rider, puts it like this, “This is awesome! A  brand new roller coaster as you would find at Great Adventure and it does not disappoint. Full of high speed thrills, rolling hills, inverted loops, and really fast. The initial 90 degree ascent up the first hill to the starting point is crazy! You almost feel as if you are going to slip out of your seat! People were screaming from start to finish. I almost lost that Nathan’s hot dog I ate after the second loop!”

If you’d like to be brave and ride Thunderbolt, get tickets online or at Luna Park. To ride the coaster once you’ll pay $10. You can also invest in a platinum wristband for $70. This allows you to ride all rides unlimited for four hours.

Photo Credit: Luna Park


3. 9/11 Memorial

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Do you remember where you were on September 11th 2001? Chances are, you do. While in New York, you can visit the site of the World Trade Center towers. Whether you knew someone who passed away in the terrorist attacks or simply mourn with those who did, this is a special opportunity to pay your respects. The memorial is free of charge and is open every day from 7:30am until 9:00pm to the public. Designed by Michael Arad, the memorial is of a large green space filled with trees. In the center are two large square pools that are located where the two towers stood.

The rose speaks of love silently in a language known only to the heart. #911Memorial #NeverForget

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Popular things to see at the memorial include the Survivor Tree and the 9/11 Museum. The Survivor Tree is a Callery pear tree which was on site when the terrorist attacks occurred. Years later, the tree was returned to Ground Zero healthier and rehabilitated. It stands in the park now.

The museum is dedicated to the events on September 11th 2001. This isn’t a free cultural institution but is a wonderful place to learn more about the unfortunate tragedy. If you’d like to locate a name on the memorial, you can do so by visiting the memorial website. This site has the pictures of victims and information about where their names are located.

4. Attend The U.S. Open

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If you have always wanted to go to the U.S. Open, you may be able to if you’re in New York from August 29th to September 11th this year. Held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, in Flushings Meadows-Corona Park in Queens, this tennis tournament is the place to be! Players have not yet been announced and neither has a schedule. The schedule will be officially published on August 22nd.

Tickets can be purchased on the U.S. Open website. Tickets for the the US Open Day Session begin at $68 each and go up to about $800. Keep checking the organization’s social media and website for more updated information.

We’re serving notice: It’s almost time to crown another champion. #usopen #NYisOpen

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4 Strange Bites To Give A Taste in NYC

1. Live Octopus, Sik Gaek

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Have you ever eaten an animal uncooked? What about still wiggling? At Sik Gaek, a Queens restaurant, you can dine on their fresh octopus hot pot. The dish has been featured on No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain and has been written about by many many food writers. When the dish is brought to the table, the sea creatures inside it are still alive. They cook in front of you as the pot is heated up.

Sannakji, or young octopus—dispatched within minutes of consumption, with a cephalopodan nervous system too spirited to calmly accept its demise—arrives at the table still thrashing about. The facial expressions around the table say it all.” explains New York Serious Eats writer Chris Hansen.

The dish is pricey, but comes with enough to feed a big family. For $99.99 the experience is worth every dime. Don’t worry about trying to cut through all of the different seafood items that are included. Staff will come out at after every item is done moving and cut it up for you to consume. Now, which crazy friends can you talk into joining you?

Photo Credit: Yelp
Photo Credit: Yelp


2. Cookie Shots, Dominique Ansel Bakery

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Do you enjoy doing shots? What if we told you there was such a thing as a “cookie” shot? If you’d rather stay home in your PJ’s and down some milk and homemade cookies you may want to visit Dominique Ansel Bakery. Since 2014, the shop has been offering New Yorkers a chocolate chip cookie that is shaped like a shot glass filled with milk.

This fun and sugary concoction is a little over $4. The shop begins selling them every day after 3pm. If you enjoy the shot at the bakery they will fill it up with more milk.

According to Serious Eats New York writer Niko Triantafillou, “the superb base cookie, similar to the bakery’s standard version, uses high-end 66% Valrhona chocolate. Our shot was served warm with soft, gooey chocolate chips, a buttery crumb, and a fresh-out-of-the-oven aroma (despite being reheated). Five Acre Farms whole milk infused with Tahitian vanilla fills the shot, offering its own powerful fragrance.

Photo Credit: Serious Eats
Photo Credit: Serious Eats

Other items to try while at Dominique Ansel Bakery include cronuts (croissant donuts) and s’mores on a stick.

3. Calf’s Brain Cream with Blinis & Caviar, Takashi

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Moving away from something sweet like a chocolate chip cookie, the restaurant Takashi serves a dish that’s almost out of a Goosebumps book! If you love beef, or love anything outside of the boring culinary box, order the Calf’s Brain Cream with Blinis & Caviar.

This dish will immediately remind you of…toothpaste! For this shareable appetizer your plate will include blinis, which are like thin pancakes, a small dish with caviar, and a tub of white liquid. The tube has a red image of a brain on it. Inside the tube is calf’s brain cream! The way to eat it is to place the caviar on the pancake and then top it off with the cream.

In an interview with Bravo’s writer Marcey De Luna, Chef Takashi explains, “I was inspired to make this dish because I’m crazy, … I wanted to use (leftover) bits and parts of the cow not typically used, but didn’t want to show them in plain shape because they can look unappealing. So I came up with the idea to boil them in vegetable stock with olive oil and spices, and blend it all into a paste with butter and heavy cream. It tastes sort of like foie gras.”

For $28, it’s quite an interesting dish.

4. Fois Gras Ice Cream, Oddfellows

Photo Credit: Yahoo

Ice cream is always a great thing, right? Always, if you like fois gras. We didn’t know what fois gras was until we recently went on a trip to Europe. It seems much more popular there. This dish is made of the liver of a duck or goose. It’s usually fattened and then served raw. Kind of gross, if you’re not into that kind of thing.

Well, Oddfellows (properly named), is offering a fois gras ice cream on its menu. Oddfellows is an ice cream shop located in New York. There are two different branches. One is in the East Village and the other is in Brooklyn.

The shop is popular and known for its unique ice cream flavors. Some of them include S’mores, Grapefruit Jalapeno, and Honey & Salted Sunflower. Another item on the list has people freaking out. It’s the Fois Gras Ice Cream. The item is on their secret menu and guests are limited to one scoop per person. You can call ahead to see when it will be available and ask in person.

????????. It's lit. Lemon Meringue Pie + Cornbread. #merica???????? ????: @cjenks609

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The duck or goose ingredient is meaty and is balanced with peanut butter and caramel. One taster from Thrillest explained, ““It basically tastes like vanilla ice cream, and you definitely get the peanut butter and caramel, plus a hint of rich, meaty flavor that’s not too aggressive.” 

Would you try it? We think we’ll pass.

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Visit These 3 Toy Shops Before Christmas

Toys “R” Us Times Square

Unfortunately this season is the last for Toys “R” Us in Times Square. This gives you even more incentive to take the kids to see the sixty foot indoor ferris wheel inside the store. The gigantic toy store looks like something taken out of the movie Elf.

This location is the company’s flagship store and it welcomes millions of kids each year. Some of the must-see attractions within the store include the ferris wheel, a twenty foot T-rex, and a life-size Barbie dollhouse. The store opened in 2001, but will not be renewing its lease at the beginning of 2016.

A quick glance at the attraction list makes your head swirl. Along with shopping for Christmas gifts (or giving their parents ideas), kids can explore the 110,000 square foot store. The main sections include: Action Figures & More, Astro Kids, Babies “R” Us, Barbie Dollhouse, Candy Land, Cookie Party, Electronics & Music, Fashion Angels, Ferris Wheel, Games, Geoffrey’s Photo Op, Geoffrey’s Universe, Imaginarium, Jurassic Park, LEGO Shop, LittleMissMatched, Plush Pets, ROBOTGALAXY, Scoops “R” Us, Sony Shop, Sports, Video Games & Movies, Wheel Photo Fun, Wheels, and Wonka.

The huge store is located at 1514 Broadway at 44th Street. For more information, you can visit them online.

Acorn Toy Shop

Acorn Toy Shop is a shop that has a specific focus. They stock toys which are handcrafted and that “allow children to explore and expand their imaginations.” Each item purchased from this store will be of heirloom quality. You won’t find toys which are plastered all over the television, but you will find some unique pieces that you’ll want to keep for a lifetime.

Located in Brooklyn, this little toy store is bright and cheery. You’ll be welcomed by whimsical mobiles and smiling handcrafted dolls. it’s not a large shop, but it’s stocked full of great gifts. This is the type of shop where you’ll purchase a wooden play castle for close to $200 but your kids will play with it for years.

Different categories of products include: books, building blocks, animals, games & puzzles, clothing & accessories, decor, and more. My personal favorite item from Acorn is their wooden portable stove. Made from sustainable hardwood, this non-toxic toy comes with burners, knobs, a frying pan with an egg, a saucepot, and other adorable accessories. It’s sold at $70.

Acorn Toy Shop is located at 323 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. For more information or to shop online, click here.

Boomerang Toys

Another great toy shop to take the kids before Christmas is Boomerang Toys. Considered “New York City’s premier specialty toy retailer,” this store carries a mix of specialty and classic toys for kids of all ages.

Currently Boomerang has two different location in New York City. The first is in Tribeca at 119 West Broadway and the other is in Battery Park City at 1 North End Avenue in the NYMEX Building. The shop doesn’t carry mechanical toys, but instead offers items like puzzles. Educational toys are easy to fall in love with at Boomerang and the store is laid out in a really neat fashion. New York Magazine explained it like this:

“Parents and doting grands trundle in for domestic and imported brands like Maclaren strollers, Kettler trikes, Brio and Thomas and Friends wooden trains, Bruder trucks, Baby Einstein and Leapfrog Learning Systems. Traditional favorites like Slinky, Lego, Playmobil, and Erector sets take parents walking down memory lane—lined here with an ample selection of children’s books, puzzles, and rubber duckies.”

For more information on this small community store, visit them online (their site is currently under construction) or call them at 212-226-7650 at their Tribeca location.


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Go Taxi Truck “We Move NYC” Campaign

Go Taxi Truck introduces the “We Move NYC” campaign. “We Move NYC” aims to give back to the New York community and thank them for the business Go Taxi Truck has gained since opening its doors in 2012.gotaxi-logo-2

This campaign centers on the idea of giving back to New Yorkers and showing how much GoTaxi Truck loves being a part of NYC. Through prizes, hidden gifts, and scavenger hunts around the city, Go Taxi Truck will give out over $1000 worth of rewards to lucky New Yorkers.

Starting on October 18th, Go Taxi Truck will be placing prizes disguised in altered packaging in different public places throughout New York City. New Yorkers must follow Go Taxi Truck on social media platforms to obtain clues as to where Go-Taxi-Truck-We-Move-NY-boxthe prizes will be hidden. Balloons containing Brooklyn Nets tickets tied to a park bench, envelopes holding $100 bills under trees, and hidden packages holding dinner for two, are just a few examples of what participants can expect to find. Find the prize? Tweet or post a picture to Go Taxi Truck’s page to get an early clue on the next hiding! 

Go Taxi Truck has been servicing the community since 2012, providing short notice, hassle free moves. Users can download their app to schedule a same day or future move. One truck, two movers, packaging material, and ability to track the truck online is all included in their inexpensive, no minimum rate. 

Follow Go Taxi Truck on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @GoTaxiTruck and using hashtag #wemovenyc to find out how you can be the lucky winner!

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Summer Discounts on Top NYC Attractions

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