Auto Detailing Techniques to Elevate Your Ride to the Next Level

Some people rarely wash their car. You always know who they are, because their ride just doesn’t impress in the least. While you might wash and wax often, likely you’re missing some important details. Those with truly critical eyes will notice, and maybe you have, too.


Before you throw in your wash towel, literally, try these tips. They’ll take your auto detailing skills to the next level, and your car with them.


Kick the Bucket


You’ve probably been told to use two buckets for washing your car. One’s for the soapy water, and one’s to rinse your sponge or whatever you’re using to scrub the car. While that’s better than using just one bucket, some of the dirt from the rinse bucket will transfer to the other, defeating the whole purpose.


Better, ditch buckets altogether. Wash different sections of the car, starting from the roof and working your way down. Wet the area down, apply soap to your wash mitt, then clean the area before rinsing it thoroughly. The result will be obvious, and this technique is faster, as well as less tedious.


Use the Cleaning Tool


Many automotive shops, and even some hardware stores sell these auto detailing tools. They look like a small rubber utility knife, at least in a way.


The idea is to use the rubber edge to reach where you normally can’t. One prime area is the panel gaps in the center console. Crumbs, dirt, and even skin cells like to gather there. Sure, you can try vacuuming that out, but that might scratch the plastic or leather. Plus, the cleaning tool is more thorough.


Sometimes the kits come with small brushes, too. Use these aids, and your interior will look far better for it.


Banish Hair


Getting rid of hair, whether it’s from pets or humans, can be tricky. The individual hairs often don’t all come out of carpeting or cloth upholstery, leaving at least some behind. The situation isn’t hopeless, if you have the right tools.


Likely, you’re just using a vacuum or your hands to do the dirty work. You’re going in the right direction with a hose, but you need something to loosen the hairs first. A pumice stone or rubber pet comb should do the trick. Even better, you can use them repeatedly, which you can’t do with tape or a sticky roller. Besides, this method yields better results.


Move the Seats


Surprisingly, people often keep their seats in the same positions, even when cleaning. If you do that, crumbs and other debris will gather under them, just like the floor beneath your fridge.


Scooting your seats all the way forward or back will reveal the filth underneath. It’s just another way to be more thorough with your detail efforts.


Follow Directions


There are many good cleaning products, including soaps and waxes. You might have your preferences, and that’s fine. Ultimately, no matter what you use, always follow the directions printed on the container. Disregarding them can at best not give you the best shine possible, and at worst ruin whatever you apply the product to.