4 Mouth-Watering Hot Dogs Shops in The Big Apple

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs

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Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs began in 1916 with a $300 loan and 5 cent hot dogs. Nathan Handwerker began his stand on Coney Island in New York City. Today, the brand is the most famous hot dogs brand in the world and you can buy all their products at grocery stores. There are many different Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs restaurants in New York City.

The most iconic Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs is the original located on Coney Island, although you can visit any of the locations in NYC and enjoy a great meal. Found at 1310 Surf Ave, many just call it Nathan’s Famous. The menu is simple, yet delicious and the atmosphere is a piece of New York history.

One fan says it like this, “Don’t get crazy with your order here. Keep it simple, timeless, and classic. Grab a dog with onions and kraut, a small order of fries (okay, splurge and toss on some cheese), and a fresh lemon or orangeade. Just shut up and do it. Enjoy this little piece of American iconography for what it is.”

An original hot dog is $3.95, but worth every single penny. If you’re around in July, make sure to look up Nathan’s hot dog eating competition. It’s one of the largest in the world.

Shake Shack

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Shake Shack doesn’t have the rich history as Nathan’s Famous, but the restaurant is making waves in New York. It all began as a hot dog cart to support Madison Square Park. The cart was such a success that more were added in 2002 and 2003. Today, the Shake Shack is a permanent fixture at the park and has many other branches. There are 17 just in New York and it’s branched out to other states.

Photo Credit: www.shakeshack.com

The Shake Shack menu is vast but one thing is for sure, their hot dogs are a favorite!

The Flat-Top Dogs are made with 100% all natural Vienna beef with no hormones and no antibiotics. Then the beef is placed on a non-GMO Martin’s Potato Roll. You can choose from a Shack-Cago Dog, which has lots of veggies, or a plain Hot Dog with cheese sauce.

Crif Dogs

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A unique option in NYC for a hot dog is the newer Crif Dogs. Born out of a love for classic hot dogs, Crif Dogs has one-of-a-kind options. Each dog is made from beef and pork and is smoked or deep fried to order. Crif Dog’s claims to have “NYC’s #1 Weiner.”

The shop has about sixteen different hot dogs one the menu and you can also customize your own. The Spicy Redneck is a popular option and is made with a house dog, wrapped in bacon, with chili, cole slaw, and jalapeños.

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If you’re adventurous, try the Good Morning dog which has a dog smothered in melted cheese and laid on a fried egg.

Owners Brian Shebairo and Chris Antista founded Crif Dogs in 1999. The name Crif Dogs was given when Brian tried to say Chris’s name with a hot dog in his mouth and it came out “Crif.”

Gray’s Papaya

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Where do you go to grab a bite to eat at 4:00am? Gray’s Papaya of course! This hot dog restaurant is located at 2090 Broadway, between 71rst and 72nd street. You can purchase a single hot dog or the recession special, which includes two franks and a drink.

For years this 24 hour establishment has been an iconic part of New York. You may see it in movies and referenced even in books. The location doesn’t have seating, just a bar. The “papaya” in Gray’s Papaya is referring to the shop’s yummy fruit juice, which includes a papaya creation.

On reviewer confirms the special NYC connection, saying, “for those who wants to experience the NY hot dog~ this is the go-to place.”

Many claim that this hole-the-wall restaurant has better quality hot dogs than carts on the street. If you’re preparing to go, make sure you have cash.

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